Derek Green's has been an artist and sculptor for almost 30 years. His success has not been achieved by talent alone. Observation of the vast world around him came early after almost a decade in both the Canadian and Merchant Navies. Derek found his first introduction to sculpting amid the exotic locales of his last port of call - Puerto Rico. This unusual beginning led him to Philadelphia, U.S.A. where he was to earn his Fine Arts University Degree. Settling soon after in Southern Ontario, he began to gradually build the reputation for his work that he now enjoys.

Blending realism with impressionism to form his own unique style, Canadian artist Derek Green has earned considerable recognition for his subtle, stylised sculptures. Using a variety of materials Derek's work evokes an emotional response from the viewer, whether the subject be a sensual human form or powerful wildlife study. Working with a variety of materials, including bronze, steel, marble, alabaster and dolomite, Derek transforms physical substances into animals, birds and human figures that long to be touched and felt. This quality of experience-of the sensuous richness of life-is what Derek wants to portray through his sculpture.

By frequently exercising new techniques Derek has maintained a high demand for his sculptures, which can be found in many private and corporate collections internationally. Past commissions have ranged from multi-ton full-scale figures to finely crafted hand sized pieces.

Although the journey has not always been an easy one, Derek has never failed to maintain his artistic focus, and continues to add to an already impressive body of work.
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